FoodLover Restaurants Week is over, we meet again in autumn 2020!

This delicious campaign is over for now and we are bringing you the 15 most popular restaurants that have been visited during this time.

The most popular restaurant visited was MEAT Resto & Butchery! Their delicious steak, sublime desserts and the whole atmosphere probably won everyone’s tastes!

The following restaurants:
2. Argentiina, Lootsi street 8
3. Argentiina, Pärnu mnt 37
4. Trofe
5. MEKK Bar
7. Estonia restaurant
8. Rae
9. Cher Ami, Keila-Joa Castle Restaurant
10. Tsaar
11. Jahu resto
12. Korsten Kitchen
13. Loft ja Ürdid
14. Washoku
15. Allee

Thanks to all visitors and restaurants!

We will meet new restaurants and menus in the autumn of 2020 😋

Be sure to keep an eye on our website and facebook.

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